Our team is behind the beautiful pages on social networks! We create creatives, the voice of the brand and everything-everything other. We warm up the trust with each like.
We work with:
Development of digital strategy
1. We analyze the pages of your brand, audience, and competitors
2. We are developing a digital strategy
3. We develop a content plan
4. We develop a media plan
5. We create communities and groups on social networks
6. Additionally: we configure and integrate web analytics systems
Implementation of Digital Promotion Strategy
• Active implementation of the content plan. Encouraging the interaction of potential customers with the content of the company / brand.
• Communication with the audience: commenting, answering questions
• Conducting promotions, polls, prize draws
• Informing about company news, news, events

Strengthening the trust of the target audience to the brand
• Involvement of opinion leaders
• Posting reviews
• Attracting new subscribers
• Community promotion
• Posts promotion (increase in coverage)
• Lidogeneration
• Increase website traffic
Advertising promotion
The beginning of communication
The cost of
SMM promotion

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